Sounds good right? Read on to see how we Offset+ your carbon emissions.


CO2 and you

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas that emits in almost all aspects of travel. When we fly, stay at hotels, drive cars or take a train. These emissions have a negative effect and contribute to climate change.


What can we do?

As part of our service, we pay to support climate impact projects around the world to balance out your carbon emissions. Our current focus is on solar farms in India, and we’re dedicated to making a difference – one solar panel at a time.


But we can do more….

We can all do so much better. That’s why we’ll always do that little bit more to ensure we’re not just carbon-neutral, we’re climate positive, we call it our Offset+ pledge.


Offset+ pledge

We couldn’t do this on our own, which is why we use the offset funds generated, in partnership with Climate Impact Partners, to support gold standard climate impact projects worldwide.

    Climate impact partners

    The very best in the business, Climate Impact Partners are trusted by companies, corporations and governments across the globe. Their work ensures that our Offset+ pledge has a positive impact.

    Offsetting in action…

    Bhadla Solar in India is anticipated to offset nearly 20 million tonnes of emissions over its duration. We’ve chosen to support this project to demonstrate long term impact at scale across one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

    Energy demand in India is rapidly increasing as rural and impoverished communities seek out electricity supplies. Your carbon offset will help to ensure this demand is met with a zero-carbon energy source that will produce power for decades to come.

    The project generates 830,000K MWh of clean electricity each year.

    Economic Growth

    The project has created 10 new roles for local people.

    Climate Action

    The project cuts nearly 800,000K tonnes of carbon each year through.

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