Why being a B Corp is a B-IG deal  

By Neil Fincham-Dukes
October 18, 2022

October’s been a big month for COCO+. Huge. We have been certified with B Corporation™ status and it’s safe to say we’re ecstatic. From the very earliest days of setting up COCO+, achieving B Corp certification was one of our key ambitions. Job done. But the work does not stop here. If anything, it’s given us even more momentum to continue our journey in contributing to a Net Zero planet. 

What does B Corp actually mean?

We’re so glad you asked. B Corp Certification is like fairtrade for business. It goes beyond evaluating products and services – it assesses the overall social and environmental impacts of companies as a whole. Running through business processes with a fine tooth comb, it’s a status which certifies a company as conscious, ethical and purpose-oriented. 

Over anything, B Corp is a community. It’s a collection of people working in a collaborative effort to drive responsible business and empower conscious consumer choices. It symbolises everything needed to create actionable, tangible change for the better. It’s a community we couldn’t be prouder to be part of.

How did we get to be a B Corp?

We’ve given ‘the powers that B Corp’ full transparency on our business and how we operate. In the application process, absolutely no stone is left unturned. From internal initiatives, social strategies, environmental performance and legal commitments, they’ve seen it all. Although a score of 80 is required to achieve B Corporation™ status, we got 115.7 (not a flex or anything…). This score shows just how much we go above and beyond to put our deep rooted commitments to people and planet into practice. We’ve managed to do this because we chose a different way to do business from the very start. 

B Corps are based on specific pillars which each need to be supported by the companies who apply to achieve the certification. Throughout the entirety of our business practices, we choose mission-driven governance, supporting workers, benefitting their community, protecting the environment and empowering their customers. Beyond the specifications required to attain B Corp, we choose the future, we choose change, we choose to be a force for good. This way of doing business runs through our veins, and we’ve now got the certification to prove it. 

Why did we go for it? 

We are here to shake up the business travel industry for the better. Striving to build a truly ethical and sustainable business right from its very foundations has been core to our progress. Deliberately operating a business to be a force for good is an amazing guiding principle, and it’s just the right thing to do, and brings a new dimension to business travel. 

This has been a massive team effort and we couldn’t be prouder of the purpose-driven people in the team we have built and the business we have launched together. There is so much more to come. Don’t miss out on our next move…

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